Supreme Soccer was set up in September 2005 by Director of Coaching Craig Shipman and is now entering its 17th year of coaching.

In this time, our reputation has spread across Essex as a place where children of all ages can enjoy top quality football coaching from experienced and well
qualified coaches, in a safe, well structured environment.


Our aim is to bridge the gap between grassroots football and professional football club academys' by improving the individual and putting together a selection of skills
that they can use to improve their game.


For some this will mean opportunities at a higher level of football, for others it will simply mean playing football to a higher level. Either way, we aim to send footballers away from us with an improved ability level, an improved appreciation of
what makes a good footballer and an enthusiasm for the game that will fuel many years of enjoyment.


We now run coaching sessions covering a range of topics and techniques, 7 days a week, offering boys and girls the opportunity to enjoy their football
more than ever before.

Some players have gone on to be registered with professional football clubs such as Colchester United, Southend United and Leyton Orient and many others have experienced going on trial at clubs helping them develop as players and offering a wonderful experience.


At Supreme Soccer, our experienced coaches, our structured coaching programme and our overall love of the game, will help you become a well rounded footballer who plays the game with enthusiasm, helping your child fulfill their potential to the maximum.

Supreme Whitsun Soccer School

Supreme Youth Football Club & 1on1 Sessions

Home Ground & Training Ground The Glen ( Glenwood School Benfleet )

U13's & U16's Player Recruitment

Our U13's & U16's            school year 8 & 11   in Sept team is looking for entuhseastic players that want to learn and enjoy the game, and would like you to join us for the 2022-23 season. 

U7's Player Development

Supreme Youth Fc are looking for any 6 yr old children that would like to be part of a football team come Sept 2022, they will play weekly games vs opposition from other clubs within the local area

Supreme Soccer 1on1 Sessions

Supreme Soccer's 1on1 sessions will be continuing from the beginning of April, please contact Supreme Soccer to make a block booking or a 1 off session

Supreme Soccer's Annual Christmas Visit too St George's Park Home Of England National Team's

The Billy Wingrove Christmas Cup @ London Soccer Dome

Supreme Youth took part in a Tournament arranged by Billy Wingrove's THE SOCCER HUB at the London Soccer Dome ( formally the David Beckham Academy ) just before christmas. We took to Greenwich London,57 aside teams at different age groups also including some players from the Supreme Academy. The Standered was all there to be seen from the start as Jermy Lynch and Billy Wingrove 2 of the best freestyle footballers in the world put on a fantastic show of tricks and ball mastery to get the young players beaming with words of ( did you just see that, wow ), not just kids but even pro players around the world are in ore of these 2 lads, amazing!!


The games were thick and fast and some were truly superb to watch the teams we were playing against where teniquically quality, out of our depth at times yes but Supreme players all show that they are willing to try and play the right way even though most of our players are in their 1st season. We was up against some sides like Woodford Elite, Sussex Academy, Soccer Hub, 1st Touch Academy in Brighton and a few more and all were outstanding teams so a massive congratulations to our temas especially the under11's who made it to the semi finals, also a massive thank you to the dads that helped out on the day carting the boys from London and back and helping with the teams,