Supreme Soccer School Programmes


• After School Club
• Curriculum/P.E. sessions
• PPA (Planning Preparation Assessment) time
• Breakfast and lunchtime clubs



After School Clubs / Lunchtime Clubs / Breakfast Clubs



The school coaching programme is only for children of that school and is a chance for boys and girls of any ability level to enjoy football. The clubs run on a day convenient to each school for 6-12 weeks during the 3 terms of the school year. The course is specifically designed so that each child enjoys the course in a fun, safe and friendly environment. Each week the children will endure a fun pact session with our aims to improve their footballing knowledge and also have matches at the end, with also a Player of the day Trophy awarded each week.



PPA Time


Supreme Soccer specialise in providing primary schools with the best possible sports based PPA cover. As a company we deliver the full UK curriculum. We provide lesson plans that run in conjunction with the school curriculum. Our coaches have also been trained to deliver a term to term programme for children to cover national curriculum standards, in Football, Tennis, Tag Rugby, Basketball and Hockey.